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Bonsai Collections of the World open to the public

1.  Asia

Dwarfed, potted trees and landscapes are part of the culture of many Asian countries and therefore take a place in the peoples' local environment, i.e. in parks, private and public gardens, as ornaments in stores and on business premises, in and around hotels and other tourist attractions.  This is especially the case in Japan and China.


Many significant collections are private ones and not open to the public, unless they also have a commercial and/or educational purpose.  For example, the bonsai collection of the Imperial Palace in Japan is closed to the public, but several of the collections of world-renown bonsai masters are accessible to visitors.

The National Bonsai Collection of Japan (Showa Kinen Park Bonsai Garden)

Bonsai Network Japan

Kunio Kobayashi - Shunka-en

Masahiko Kimura

Nobuichi Urushibata - Taisho-en

Saburo Kato

The Bonsai Village of Omiya

Tomyo Yamada - Seiko-en

See also:

Famous gardens of Japan

Japan 2007 - Shohin Bonsai (< 15 cm)

The Taikan Bonsai Museum


Some links to sites with Chinese gardens are listed here.  For many, the aesthetic of Chinese gardens is unknown.  These links may help to expand your knowledge of part of the context in which penjing were displayed.  Other links are to sites with discussions about what penjing is and its historical background.  In addition there are excellent images of high quality penjing to help you understand this most ancient of artistically styled trees in pots.

Famous Gardens of China

Man Lung Garden

China Penjing

Photos of Penjing

The Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou

The Rock and Penjing museum, Wuhan

Tropical bonsai

Budi Sulistyo

The Singapore Penjing and Stone Appreciation Society


2.   North America and Europe

United States of America

Golden State Bonsai Federation, Oakland, California

National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, Washington

Pacific Rim, Seattle, WA


The Bonsai Collection of the North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC


The Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection at the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University



The Bonsai and Penjing Collections at the Montreal Botanic Gardens, Montreal, Canada

United Kingdom


Bonsai and Penjing knowledge

Chinese Schools of Penjing

Dwarf Potted Trees in Paintings, Scrolls

Japanese Styles of Bonsai

Jianzhen, the monk who brought penjing to Japan

Magical Miniature Landscapes

            A very large compilation of information about bonsai and penjing

Pen, The Origins of the Shallow Tray

Photo Gallery of Penjing Masterpieces

The Art of Bonsai Project

            A series of (sometimes illustrated) essays on the art of bonsai


The 1000 year old art of stone appreciation

Nippon Suiseki Association

The display of Suiseki