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Thursday, 12 May 2011



In 2003, a consortium of interested people organised the first ‘National Exhibition of Australian Plants as Bonsai’.  The group consisted of bonsai enthusiasts from Canberra, the Australian Plants as Bonsai Study Group and the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG).  Its success has seen the event held regularly since then and it has become part of the Australian bonsai calendar.  It invites exhibitors from across Australia and is held in the grounds of the ANBG in Canberra.   

Enjoy browsing the pictures in the exhibitions linked below and reading about each tree.  If you are not already growing Australian native species as bonsai, we hope you become inspired to do so.


 to come
 to come
 Callitris glaucophylla 2005 2005 

 Callistemon Viminalis Captain Cook 2006
 20_2007_2954_leptospermum_laevigatum.jpg 2007
 18_eucalyptus_nicholli_small.jpg 2008
 20_grevillea_small.jpg 2010
 03_-_leptospermum_laevigatum.jpg 2011
 37_-_acacia_howittii.jpg 2012
 1__24_-_leptospermum_laevigatum.jpg  2014
 11_small_leaf_fig.jpg  2015
 silver_banksia.png 2016
 first_place_21_melaleuca_styphelioides_-_prickly_paperbark.jpg 2017


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