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Monday, 19 May 2008

Each year the CBS conducts a 'dig' at which members collect plants from the wild to style into bonsai.  The following is a brief description of this year's dig.

Annual Dig – 2008 About 18 cars containing keen local bonsai artists arrived at the dig site on Sunday 20th of April for the annual CBS dig.  The society gained a permit from the ACT government to remove non native introduced plant species from government managed land near Canberra 

A spot was chosen where there were numerous pyracantha and hawthorn – popular species to style as bonsai because of their flowers and colourful berries.  Several other species were found – Josh a pistachio and Dane a mystery tree!  Jim found a very promising rogue pine that took quite some time and care to extract even with encouragement from supportive onlookers.   

Goulburn Bonsai Club members joined us as well - Chris, Mary, Peter, Sue, Adam and Kelly. They seemed quite pleased with the results of their journey down to Canberra and are a much happier mob now that their water situation has improved.   

Frank and Gillian shared the prize for the best lunch on what was a very pleasant autumn day for socialising and discussing the possibilities that some of the collected plants might present. 

There were several more hours spent at home after the dig, cleaning up unwanted branches and planting out or potting in training containers – making sure that stressed root systems were given every opportunity to recover to support the tree above.  Hopefully, some of these plants will appear at future club meetings so that their development can be tracked and admired. 


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