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Sunday, 24 August 2008

The bus was almost full and it was a cold start to the trip, around -3 degrees, as I’m sure everyone standing around waiting to get on the bus was well aware of.

We left from Shell Epic right on 7am and, in the interests of maximising “shopping” time, pushed through to Imperial Bonsai Nursery in Terry Hills.

Arriving at Terry Hills we had the bonus of the Sydney City Bonsai Club annual exhibition at Checkers Resort just next to the nursery, so most people’s time was divided between the exhibition and the nursery. The exhibition was a chance to see some fine bonsai (for those interested in natives there was a particularly fine Baeckea virgata on display) and catch up with some old acquaintances. The private bonsai collection in the nursery was a real treat, and, as everyone started to warm up, more and more plants and pots and the odd watering can headed back to the bus.

By the time we got to Ray Nesci’s nursery everyone was ready to resume shopping and plants, pots, tools, books and magazines were snapped up in short order. Was it just a coincidence that several nice specimens of Baeckea virgata found their way onto the bus? Most of us also managed to fit in a leisurely lunch with the shopping. By this time the day had warmed up nicely and we had all forgotten the cold start and were busy shedding layers of clothing. I saw plenty of Ray’s tea and coffee consumed, but not much of the gallons of wine that I had heard was consumed on these trips. Of course, the problem when it came time to leave was fitting everything under the bus – with purchases from two nurseries on board there wasn’t much space left and we still had another nursery to visit!

In addition to their plants, Bonsai Environment proved a goldmine for those after really huge pots, and they also had a nice selection of Suiseki. In the end pots, big and small, a good selection of plants, a few plant stands and even some rocks made their way to the bus. One traveller also discovered that Kingston’s expertise extended beyond bonsai to aquarium fish!

And then it was time to leave, but how to fit all the new purchases under the bus ? Fortunately, after some judicious rearranging under the bus and the transfer of whatever was left to inside the bus (now I understand why there are always a few empty seats...) we were off to find the M7 again – good thing the driver had a GPS unit to help.

On the way back, there was plenty of discussion of the day, of purchases and the ones we might make next time, and some of us nodded off for a while. When we got back, spot on 7pm, it was cooling down again, so the layers of clothes went back on again and it seemed a bit like we hadn’t left, except that some wallets were a bit lighter, some bonsai collections were a bit larger, and some pots were now available for those plants that we never seem to have the right pot at home for! But will we have enough to last us until the next bus trip?

Rob S.

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