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Bonsai Information
Web Links These are links to other bonsai websites of interest, nationally and internationally.
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  Link   Aust National Botanic Gardens Botanical Resource Centre
The Botanical Resource Centre is located next to the Friends' Lounge on the Main Path in the ANBG. It houses the Public Reference Herbarium specimens which represent the native and naturalised plants of the A.C.T., the Southern Tablelands, Australian
  Link   Bonsai Empire
Bonsai Empire, with information about growing, styling and taking care of Bonsai trees
  Link   Index of Bonsai Species
This Index of Bonsai Species consists of guidelines for the care of tree species as compiled from postings on various lists and newsgroups, from several bonsai periodicals and standard bonsai reference works, and from practical experience. Compiled b
  Link   An article on bonsai security
All text & Photographs Kevin Bailey 1998 - 2008
  Link   Photographing bonsai - 8 tips
Old Mister Crow's guide to photographing bonsai and kusamono. by Carl T. Bergstrom
  Link   Debunking the Myths of Bonsai
There are many myths in bonsai ranging from the common belief among the dilettante that "bonsai" is a certain species of tree, to the belief that trees are starved and tortured in order to become bonsai. It is not my intention with this article to di
  Link   Magical Miniature Landscapes
The subtitle is "THE COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY OF BONSAI", and that is exactly what this website offers. It is probably the most important source of bonsai history, either on the net or in print.
  Link   Lindsay Farr's World of Bonsai Video Series
Lindsay takes us on a journey through Japan and China where we get to see many famous land-marks. We travel to famous bonsai nurseries, bonsai potteries in Japan and China and meet some bonsai monsters. A good collection of videos covering many aspe
  Link   Stolen Bonsai Register