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Bonsai Design
Web Links This list contains links to websites that provide information on bonsai design
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  Link   Juniper Styling Competition
See a competition between 17 people to style identical junipers in 5 hours. And some lovely suiseki.
  Link   Fused Trident Maple Saplings
Visit Trident Trunk for fused trident saplings to give nebari and taper to skite about, if weird looking.
  Link   The European Shohin and Mame-Bonsai website
One persons site, but the shohin are a favourite of mine, and the pics are pretty good.
  Link   Grafting Japanese Maples
  Link   Artistic Foundations of Bonsai design - a web book by Andy Rutledge
This web book helps bonsai enthusiasts understand how to use time-honored methods - artistic methods - for producing more successful and meaningful bonsai designs and displays.
  Link   The Principals Of Good Bonsai Design
Since Bonsai is similar to other art forms, such as painting, sculpturing or the graphic arts, the same design principals used in these forms can be learned and applied to bonsai.
  Link   Mini Bonsai (Shonin) information
This Japanese site is run by Kyosuke Gun and Sachiko Iwasaki, who have been regular contributors to Bonsai Today for many years. The site is devoted to shohin with many fine examples on show to inspire you. Below each picture training techniques fo