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Australian Natives as Bonsai
Web Links Sites dealing with the propagation of Australian Natives and native as bonsai
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  Link   Australian Native Plant Society Gallery
There are photos and info on 700 Australian Native species.
  Link   Bonsai solutions - techniques to create bonsai with australian native plants
Bonsai Solutions is Australia’s first on-line community for studying and discussing the propagation, cultivation and technical design aspects of bonsai with Australian Native Plants and bonsai in Australian conditions.
  Link   Eucalypts as bonsai
Eucalypts as bonsai. The article is written by someone rejoicing in alias of “FlyBri”. Talks about appropriate starters and root pruning and repotting
  Link   Australian Bonsai Forum
An Australian Bonsai Forum
  Link   Australian Natives as Bonsai
Catalogue Notes from the 2005, 2006, 207 and 2008 'Australian Plants as Bonsai' exhibitions held at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.
  Link   Australian plants as bonsai study group (APAB)
The group was formed in mid 2001 and has about 100 members from across the country. The Group's aims are to: * Determine which species are grown as bonsai, * Determine the horticultural requirements of each species, * Explore the art