Vale Peter Adams
Wednesday, 27 November 2013
After being unwell in recent months, Peter Adams died suddenly on 24 November. Those of us who followed Peter’s regular articles in Bonsai Focus or who had participated in his workshops when he visited Canberra will know that the bonsai world has lost a very talented and influential bonsai artist.
Kate posted on 'Peter and Kate Adams Bonsai' Facebook Page  "I am sorry to report that peter died suddenly, but peacefully, in his sleep last Sunday, November 24.It was very unexpected, we had just enjoyed a marvellous visit together on Saturday and he drew a sketch of me as I sat there.His death has been so very hard to accept, especially since we planned to leave for home together next Monday, December 2.There will be a memorial at a later date.Details will be advised on this page (Facebook). His ashes will come home with me soon."


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