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We were not able to photograph all events and activities of the Convention.

If you have photos of activities not covered here and you would like to share these with the bonsai community, please send your photos to webmaster@cbs.org.au

Large digital photos should be zipped before emailing.

Welcome Reception

Registrants gathered in the cool Canberra evening air to renew friendships and acquaintances from previous AABC Conventions. 

Exhibition Opening

Mike and his crew of volunteers worked hard all Friday to bring you the best possible exhibition display. These photos were taken just before the exhibition was opened.

Convention Opening

In this gallery you will find photos of Joe Misfud (Convention Director), Ruth McLucas (CBS President), Lindsay Bebb (AABC President), Phil Rabl (Convention MC), Grant Bowie (NBPCA Curator), Jennfier Mottlee (Timeline Convenor) and Roger Hnatiak (The Australian Journey) speaking during the opening and first session of the Convention.

Ryan Neil Demonstration 1

Our first experience of Ryan Neil. An amazing demonstrator, clear communicator and entertaining. In this demonstration he styled a juniper.

Averil Stanley Demonstration

With a hard act to follow, Averil impressed us with her design skills on two trees, a pine and a juniper. Averil was ably  assisted by her husband Bob and Shannon Young.

Ryan Neil Demonstration 2

Ryan's second demonstration involved a Scotts pine. Again a wonderful demonstration of bonsai artistry, horticultural knowledge and constant entertaining patter. Clearly a multi-tasker!

Convention Dinner

The Convention dinner was attended by 170 guest - an impressive rollup. The catering was excellent and the general noise level indicated everyone was enjoying themselves. The 2013 Canberra Centenary Bonsai Prize was awarded to Ian Hearn for an amazing juniper, now permanently in the NBPCA. Ian received $6000 for his prize. Other awards were given out by "the 
Bebbs" as country representatives of BCI and WBFF. 

Ryan Neil Critique

For the early risers, Ryan conducted a critique on several trees that he had selected from the exhibition. He was impressed by the display and discussed possible design changes for some. He also elaborated on his approach to bonsai display. Two trees got special mention as world class - Grant's banksia and Leigh's privet.

Ryan Neil Red Pine Re-Design

The highlight of the day was Ryan's re-design of a red pine initially styled by John Naka. The tree is now part of the permanent display at the NBPCA. Ryan was very respectful in his approach to this design given its pedigree and after working on it out of session, brought in back at the conclusion of Sunday. I am sure you will agree a beautiful tree.

Andrew Ward Demonstration

Andrew entertained the registrants with his story of his bonsai journey and as if by magic whipped up two very interesting pieces, a forest planting and a diorama within a mallee root bowl, including moss carried by convention attendees from all around Australia. Audience participation at its best!

Leigh Taafe Demonstration

Leigh Taafe also shared his bonsai journey as he took a juniper on a journey from a pleasant bonsai to a tree with a much more interesting story to tell.

Conference Closing

Sigh. Yes it had to end...

Ryan Neil Masterclass 1

Six workshop participants brought a range of good trees and benefited greatly from Ryan's guidance and bonsai artistry skills. 

Ryan Neil Masterclass 2

And another lucky six (although I don't have many photos as I was a participant). There were plenty of observers and hopefully we will expand the gallery in the near future.

We also need images from Averil's and Andrew's  workshops.

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